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Magnetic Floating Globe with Round Socket

● 1.Magnetic suspension technology, free suspension, detonate visual impact
● 2.Silent technology movements, very quiet, more peaceful sleep is not disturbed
● 3.Office decoration, high-end atmosphere, fashionable and beautiful
● 4.Teaching stereoscopic imaging to enhance students' impression
● 5.Gifts for high-end atmosphere

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Javonte Rice

Love this thing! It just floats there like a beauty. When suspended, any air flow will make it spin which looks nice. The lighting is just perfect. Great piece of decoration.

Misael Balistreri

This is the centerpiece of my desk. I am in customer service and my customers are mesmerized by it and how it floats in mid air.

Orie Baumbach

I have this on my desk at work. It is awesome and the co-workers i share an office with are in awe. This would make a wonderful gift a well. I absolutely love it 💘

Darwin Wisoky

This globe has become quite a hit at our house! Kids and adults both love playing with it. I also like to just have it on in the evenings because it adds a little fun and neat color to the family room. Works very well and seems to be durable and well made. I recommend it! Especially for the price!

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